Hello world!

Welcome to our official website!

We’re still getting a few things squared away before we begin to fill out the content. But first I wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and the site.

No Remorse Games

No Remorse Games was founded in 2010 by Alex Kozlowski and Joey Hammer.

Since its inception, No Remorse Games has been a side venture where we could have fun, learn, and experiment. In short, it was paramount that we enjoy working on the project.

Originally, we were working with XNA, and eventually that grew into a concentrated effort targeting Windows Phone 7. Ultimately we found that our passion for the project had been drained, and in Spring 2013 we decided to drop the effort in XNA entirely.

After some retrospection, we decided it would be more enjoyable to change direction and concentrate on our strengths: so we set out to write our own game engine and tools from scratch.

The Site

Our goal for this website is to provide some insight into our development process and showcase the results.

Over the years we’ve learned a lot writing software for 3D games and tools, and we’d like to share our viewpoints and many of the lessons learned. That said, it should be no surprise that we’re still learning and experimenting, so we hope to document the progress here as well.

We hope that readers will find what we have to say here informative and inspiring.